Transforming lives through holistic Chiropractic care

At Church Road Chiropractic, we believe in a patient-centered approach that goes beyond just alleviating symptoms. Our focus is on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of pain and discomfort to promote long-lasting healing and wellness.

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Meet Dr. Gopal Handa

For me, chiropractic care is not merely about treating symptoms but about restoring the body’s innate ability to heal from within. By optimizing our body’s function, we can achieve new levels of natural health. This belief drives my commitment to help individuals attain their highest level of well-being.

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“Over the past 15 years, I have been fortunate to locum and work in over 50 different clinics across the country and abroad. Each experience has enriched my understanding of chiropractic care and reinforced my commitment to providing exceptional wellness care to the community of Bromley.”

Dr. Gopal Handa

Transformative Results

Nothing brings us greater joy than witnessing the transformative results our patients experience. From alleviating chronic pain and enhancing mobility to improving overall vitality, we are honored to be a part of our patients’ journeys toward optimal health. Don’t just take our word for it — read what our patients have to say about their experiences with us.

Νικολέτα Παναγιώτη
The best place for massage and great staff
Karen Hall
Having previously been to a local osteopath with mixed results, I wasn’t sure whether seeing somebody else would help, but the knowledge and care at this clinic has really helped with my lower back pain. Dr Gopal and Elo have helped me to understand why I am having issues and have shown me ways to help myself get sorted out. I would definitely recommend seeing them and signing up for a course of treatment. I also recommend the massages from Elle. Thank you.
luise Schwarzböck
I’m so happy I found such a great practice near where I live. I felt welcome and in good hands from the beginning. Dr. Gopal looked into my issues properly before starting any treatment which for me personally was very important. I started visiting 5month ago and all the adjustments, massages and rehab therapy helped me a lot getting rid of back pain, improving my posture and awareness of my body. Everyone I had/have to do with, like Denisa, Petra and Elo, are so nice and professional. Love Petra’s massages and the therapy sessions with Elo. I can highly recommend the clinic. I always feel so much better when I leave. Thank you all!
Scooby Chick
Shaan on reception is the very best 🤩 He parked my car for me and organised a series of appointments with Elo the physiotherapist following Dr Gopal accurate diagnosis. I was very nervous but Shaan was very professional and kind and quickly put me at ease. I suffer with severe chronic back & referral pain from prolapsed discs & nerve damage. Thus my plan is initially with the physiotherapist. I have had 5 appointments with Elo, and am feeling the benefits greatly. Unfortunately, I had a relapse but recovered much faster than usual which I believe is down to the work of Elo. Elo explains and works on your body as a "whole" which has given me a new understanding and skills to help combat the daily pain and distress. I am so happy I have found this practice and I thoroughly recommend this team to those in need of pain relief other than medication. They have affordable plans for all. I am also sleeping better at night too 💤
Neeta Patel
Elle is brilliant for massage treatments. She is very polite and listens to your body
angela Whi
Juat wanted to say a massive thank you to your whole team. From the first consultation you have given me the information I have required and have been very clear as to the costs and everything involved. Your massage therapists have all been amazing. I honestly can't thank you all enough. I'm so pleased I found you and am getting the are and treatment needed. Merry Christmas Angela
Joan Taylor
After 3 operations on hips and spine, i was still in serious pain for over 2 years. Been seeing Dr Gopal who has been marvellous and goes straight to the sore spots in my neck, back, hips, knee or foot. Its uncanny how Dr Gopal knows where you need treatment directly. Always feel great after treatment. Ive had bad treatment before, elsewhere, so i dont have any bones clicked and re-adjusted but still with what I call 'magic' Dr Gopal re-aligns my bones, eases my tension and makes me feel freshly restored. Of course it takes time as wear n tear can take years to appear, hence need time to heal. Staff are polite and friendly too.
Steve Pennington
During my English Channel relay swim training and marathon running, Church Street Chiropractic have been pivotal in diagnosing and treating my injuries and over all well being for the last 18 months. I really appreciate their amazing work and cannot recommend the team highly enough.
Andy Paul
Dr Adil and Dr Gopal have helped me recover from my back problem. Now I just go for a maintenance treatment.Very informative doctors with great professional staff. Update October 2023. Had a relaxing massage from what a treatment. Even though it was a 30 minute treatment all my muscles hurt afterwards as she is so good. Can definitely recommend her.